About CareX

CareX is building a new way for people to find and pay for healthcare by utilizing tokens on a blockchain platform. Using our platform, patients can control their health records and purchase healthcare services at a reduced cost, regardless of borders.

At the same time, providers can cut their administrative burdens, get paid immediately, and access a global market of customers.

CARE Token holders are able to utilize the CareX wallet to securely host their medical records, granting short-term access to providers as needed and decided. Preliminary unofficial diagnoses to ailments will also be available thanks to our medically trained AI-based chatbot.

The CareX network brings back a transparent market where all prices and payments are immediate and available. It runs alongside and on top of existing insurance models as a low cost, easy-to-use alternative solution.


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The Mission

We improve the global healthcare system, starting in the United States. We establish trust, create transparency and reduce overall costs. We leverage the power of blockchain technology for patients, healthcare professionals, providers, and suppliers. New way of delivering healthcare system through CareX network and Blockchain based Health IT Platform.

CareX - blockchain healthcare marketplace

CareX Network

CareX platform provides a secure environment for the network participants to leverage an ecosystem that will increase revenue, access to global pool of resources, increases operational efficiencies thereby contributing to the bottom line.

Making healthcare more secured, more transparent and more affordable.

CareX Network is a physician-driven, clinically integrated network initiative that builds on the Blockchain and strengths of participating providers to improve patient health, increase efficiency and enable physicians to succeed in today's changing health care payment and delivery environments.

CareX Health Network partners with payors, employers and healthcare professionals to provide innovative services and solutions to make healthcare more secured, more transparent and more affordable for everyone.

  We offer increased access to conservative, cost-effective healthcare, unique quality initiatives to improve outcomes, efficient electronic solutions and cost-saving administrative support, complemented by best-in-class service from our dedicated team of professionals.

CareX Health Network provides comprehensive healthcare discounts, which allow employers to provide exceptional quality healthcare benefits at the lowest possible cost. Our plans connect employees directly with the best quality healthcare providers and our fully transparent pricing allows customers to see, understand and control their healthcare benefit spending.

    CareX Network

  • Provider Network (Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians)
  • Supplier Network (Manufacturing, pharma companies)
  • Network Users

    CareX Providers

  • Free access to best in class analytics software
  • Reduce wait times for payment from current average of 27-60 days to at the time of service
  • Reduce needless marketing costs in favor of incentives for self pay patients within the CareX platform
  • Improve work flow
  • Reduce security risks and liability by managing practice and patient records on the blockchain
  • Growth opportunity as early adopter medical provider on the CareX platform
  • Easily invest in crypto, or convert to fiat currency at will.

Why CareX

CareX is a blockchain platform with a token currency (CARE) to be used on the Ethereum network for the purchase and sale of health care services. The substantial benefits to patients, providers and suppliers who are part of the network can be summarized as follows:

For Patients Reduces out-of-pocket healthcare costs anywhere from 20-70% by removing inefficiencies through blockchain technology and Big Data to provide real time access to the best medical practices at lowest cost.

For Providers Streamlined payments in real-time through disintermediation of payers and burdensome administrative costs via the blockchain.

For Suppliers A highly-populated platform that will enable suppliers to have access to global providers and vice versa, thereby creating a marketplace that will enable streamlined transactions.

Compliance (HIPAA) Scottline Healthcare Solutions Inc. is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which governs how healthcare providers handle sensitive patient data. Both Scottline employees and Scottline servers are HIPAA certified.

As a result, the CareX platform is on the fast track to delivering the first HIPAA compliant blockchain solution. HIPAA compliance is a major issue for healthcare providers and a prerequisite for CareX’s success.

CareX - Blockchain Technology CareX uses blockchain technology to enable the secure transfer of medical information, enable payments and processing across the world with the help of smart contracts.

Users of this platform will range from physicians, technicians, patients to suppliers and other healthcare professionals. All users will be able to leverage the platform to effectively and securely perform transactions while maintaining a high degree of control of the data they generate and view. By increasing the efficiency of the interactions, cost reductions for all parties can be achieved, along with improved trust. The decentralized nature of the platform enables improved data integrity and control.

The patient is at the center of this ecosystem. The platform enables the patient to control their own information by deciding who has access to it. They can do this from their own device such as a computer or a smartphone.

The medical provider such as the physician or the technician uses the identity provided by the patient to authenticate the use, the procedure, or the prescription. In addition, monetary transactions will automatically post the information related to that activity to the blockchain, thereby ensuring a transparent system.

The suppliers have significant opportunities to sell goods through their access to a large pool of providers. All supplier related transactions and payments will also be posted to the blockchain, ensuring a clear, transparent transaction system along with revenue opportunity for CareX.

Use the blockchain to enhance your healthcare business without changing the way you do business.

Receive net patients, be paid on time, simplify your business process.

How? By accepting CARE.

What is CARE?

CARE Tokens are a new type of cryptocurrency created for the CareX Blockchain Platform. They can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or regular currencies like the US Dollar. 1 CARE Token is currently worth $10.00.

Why should I accept CARE?

We know that finding new patients is hard. Advertising is expensive, Insurance plans are complicated... By accepting CARE Tokens, you are sidestepping the dominating middlemen of the industry and going straight to the source of your revenue: the patients.

Will I have to change my business?

The CareX Blockchain Platform doesn't interfere with your existing business. Instead we make your life easier by providing a FREE billing solution.


The CareX Analytics dashboard helps you track your patients, their insurance billing, and much more. Explore the dashboard by following this demo: DEMO

Take advantage of a global marketplace.

With the CareX Blockchain Platform, any patient from anywhere in the world can find your practice and pay you for your service. Medical tourism, both domestic and foreign, is a growing way for special procedures and elective medical services to take place. Tap into this growing industry by joining our platform, simply begin accepting CARE today.

Healthcare Analytics (For Providers only):

Healthcare Analytics provides Business Intelligence across the revenue cycle for healthcare providers to improve the quality of the care and return on investment (ROI). Transforming data points into easy to understand, real time analytics with predictive information on accessible via web and mobile applications.

    Product Advantages

  • Turn Data into Value - End to End Solution - Not only displaying data.

  • Data-driven insight by identifying core healthcare key performance drivers.

  • Creating work Que’s by integrating alerts with staff.

  • Real Time Analytics accessible via web and mobile devices.

CareX Chatbot (For Providers & Patients):

CareX Chatbot is a digital assistant, enabled with Artificial Intelligence on the CareX blockchain platform to suggest unofficial, automated clinical suggestions and responses, saving valuable time for patients. This application enables users or patients to access information in a personalized way without the involvement of a human. This revolutionary technique removes the need to perform text search or knowledge required to interpret information.

The CareX Wallet (Asset Wallet & Health Vault):

The CareX Wallet is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to get healthcare services worldwide under CareX Provider Network.
CareX Wallet acts as HealthVault is a trusted place for people to gather, store, use and share health information.

The CareX Wallet is the major game changer in the healthcare space as it enables patients to use their blockchain assets through their smartphone or a physical health card at the CareX enabled providers using CARE Tokens. The CareX App is downloadable for iOS and Android versions in February of 2018.

CareX HealthVault Another exciting feature is to incorporate medical history on the blockchain. We plan to implement normalization schemes for medical data of all sorts, whether they are blood tests, MRI results, diagnosis by doctors, etc. We plan to support clear standards for importing any alphanumeric medical data onto our cryptographic platform. Storage can be purchased using our CareX tokens. This transaction information will be kept secure by our multi-signature protocol so that a third party can access it only if both doctor and patient sign off on the request. This model enables secure, easy to use, single point of access to the data and transact effectively.

    Product Advantages

  • Multi-asset (any blockchain asset compatible with and accepted by the CareX Wallet)

  • Assets stay in cryptocurrency

  • Best available foreign exchange and transaction fees (with no other charges)

  • Decentralized and trustless storage

  • Global access and acceptance of CARE Tokens to 100,000 CareX Provider Network in over 100 countries

  • No restriction on user location.

  • Users earn a 0.5% reward for every purchase they make.